Tuesday, May 14, 2019

New Marvel Campaign, Issues # 0 "The Cast of Heroes"

This past Sunday our gaming group decided to start a new Marvel Superhero campaign (TSR Marvel, aka FASERIP).  Our group consists of four players and in this post I am sharing our new intrepid heroes and their stats.

Superhero Name: The Conductor
Character Name: Lawrence Strausman III
Origin:   Mutant

F  EX (20) Health:  50
A  GD (10)
S  GD (10) Karma:  46
E  GD (10)
R EX (20) Resources:  MN (75)
I   TY (6)
P  EX (20) Popularity:  7  / 0


  • Absorption:  AM (50) 
  • Solar Regeneration:  GD (10)  
  • Electrical Manipulation:  RM (30) 


  • None


  • Business/Finance
  • Archaeology
  • Heir to Fortune 


  • (Business/Finance)

Superhero Name:  Overload
Character Name:  Gwendolyn
Origin:  Induced Mutant

F:  TY (6) Health:  34  
A:  TY (6)  
S:  GD (10)   Karma:  84
E:  TY (6) 
R:  TY (6) Resources:  TY6  
I:  TY (6)  
P:  TY (6) Popularity:   7 / 0

  • Neural Manipulation:  IN (40) -The hero can alter a target's neural activity. By changing nerve messages within the target's body, the hero can cause a variety of effects.
    • Disruption: The target's body loses all sensations; it falls to the ground, a limp lump mass of flesh.
    • Paralysis: The target body becomes completely rigid. No chemical can counteract the paralysis while the power is in effect.
    • Seizure: The target's muscles spasm uncontrollably for as long as the Power is in effect.
    • Exaggeration: Nerve signals are actually amplified, causing the target to overact when attempting any movement.
  • Sense Alteration:  EX (20) - The hero can deliberately change the manner in which a target either receives sensory stimuli processes it within the brain. The simplest form negates one or more of the senses, producing instant blindness, deafness, numbness, and so on. More complex is the ability to modify the senses. The hero can amplify some elements and negate others. For example, the hero might make a target literally see red (and only red).  The most complex form is Hallucinations. By a Monstrous Intensity FEAT, the hero can transfer sensory information to others, making everyone share a common set of perceptions. These may be the hero's, or someone else's.  Sensory negation takes a Typical Intensity FEAT; sensory alteration takes a Remarkable Intensity FEAT.  The Power rank determines the range and duration of the effects.
  • Danger Sense:  TY (6) - It is a combination of automatically functioning Psionic Powers (Telepathy, Empathy, and Precognition) that warns the hero about impending danger. 
  • Martial Supremacy "D":  RM (30) - This form seeks out the opponent's weak points and strikes at them. The hero can ignore the effects of physical Armor when determining Stun and Slam results. Unfortunately, the hero must study his opponent for two turns before he can bring this effect into play.
  • None
  • Martial Arts (D)
  • Sharp Weapons
  • None

Superhero Name: Aodhamair
Character Name: Aodhamair (Ad Mair)
Origin:  Humanoid, Seliee Fae (1003 years old)

F  GD (10) / IN (40) Health:  28
A  TY (6)
S  TY (6)                         Karma:  80
E  TY (6)
R RM (30)                 Resources:  PR (4)
I   TY (6)
P  GD (10)                 Popularity:  7 

  • Hypnotic Voice:  RM (30) - Hero can control targets within range of her voice, -1CS when greater than 20’ away
  • Martial Supremacy “A”:  IN (40)
  • Hyper-Intelligence: EX (20) - Permanent version 
  • Total Memory:  GD (10)
  • Iron Will:  Ex (20)
  • Linguistics:  RM (30)  Hero can know up to 30 languages
  • Power negation with contact:  Iron (Must be pure iron metal)
  • Resist Domination 

  • Seliee Court

Superhero Name:  Unknown
Character Name:  Eli Edwards
Origin:  Modified Human

F  RM (30) Health:  120
A  IN (40)
S  EX (20) Karma:  50
E  RM (30)
R GD (10) Resources:  TY (6)
I   EX (20)
P  EX (20) Popularity:  0 / 0

  • Slavic Magic: Draw power from “Domob a krb” the realm of Rod-Rozanica (White God & Black God) of the Pre-Christian Slavic Faith
  • Visage of the Psychopomps (P):  IN (40) - The hero can shape-shift in a Sparrow (Psychopomp).  The hero can shift at-will and return to his human guise at anytime.  He gains the following abilities while shape-shifted:
    • Winged Flight:  FE (2) - speed 30 mph / 2 areas
    • Telescopic-vision:  FE (2) - Range 2 miles
    • Dimensional Travel:  RM (30) - The hero can move between his home dimension and the realm of Peklabog (Slavic Underworld) while shape-shifted into a Sparrow
  • Curse of Pripegala (U):  Ex (20) - The hero can “curse” a target with -1CS to all actions.  This ability has a Range of 1 area and duration 30 days upon a single target.
  • Pekelnik of Ny (D):  EX (20) - The hero can summon a corporeal spirit from the Preklabog that are property of Ny.  They frequently appear as serpent or humanoid shaped being made of fire.  Both smell strongly of brimstone.  The summoned spirits are cooperative and will remain until destroyed or released by the summoner.
  • Shield of Ny (D):  GD (10) - The spirits of Preklabog will act as a shield for the hero
  • Slavic Magic and a strong tenant of their faith requires a balance in all things; light/dark, male/female, finite/infinite, good/evil, the elements (earth, air, water, & fire), etc.   A practitioner must strive to maintain a “True Balance” in all things.  A failure to adhere to these belief will cause a -1CS to all feat rolls for each weak of ignoring or failing to achieve balance.
  • Occult Lore
  • Fist Aid 
  • Local EMS

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