Friday, May 20, 2016

Dueling Keyboards!

At one point in my career history, there was a dark time, I worked for an outsourcing company that was contracted as call center for a cellular phone company customer service center.  I grew up doing farm work, I have been in the US Army Infantry, and worked fast food and with that said, I saw more morally/ethically questionable activity and terrible treatment of employees  at the call center than in any other line of work.

I typically arrived about 45 minutes early to work in the morning, so as to get caught up any emails and send out my reports before my team members arrived for work.  So what started as any other normal day on the production floor of the call center turned into a bloody scene.  My desk was in one corner of the call center production floor and I was happily working away on my reports when I heard a woman raise her voice from across the production floor, but I could't make out what she was upset about.

From my desk, my view of the woman was blocked by what we called "The Tower"  it was a raised platform where the workforce/reporting employees worked.  I saw one of the reporting guy stand up to get a better look at what was going on as well.

As I rounded the tower, I saw the woman in question.  She was standing over another woman while holding up her computers keyboard like some executioner with a headsman ax.  She then screamed "You F***ING B**CH!" and then brought the keyboard down onto the other woman's head, knocking her from her seat.

I took of at run, along with another supervisor, and the workforce/reporting guy.  We managed to break up the fight.  If you want to call one woman bludgeoning another woman with a keyboard much of a fight.  Once security arrived we discovered that the entire situation had resulted from the keyboard wielding woman discovering that her "friend" sitting next to her had been sleeping with her "baby daddy" and was pregnant by said "baby daddy".  The two of them continued to scream obscenities at each other as they were escorted out of the building.

Now we had a broken keyboard, damaged workstation, and blood from the bludgeoned woman to clean up AND to top it all wasn't even time to start the work day!  I have plenty of interesting stories to pass along from my days working at a call center.

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