Monday, January 7, 2019

Traveller RPG Story - In Walks a Stranger

You are drinking in a small run down bar in the Regina “down” port, which is a not so fancy way to talk about planet side port facilities as opposed to the orbital station.  The date is 001 – 1105, and as Imperial reckoning goes, stands for the first day of the year 1105.  It has been one thousand, one hundred and 5 years plus a single day since the founding of the Third Imperium and only a year since you were drummed out of the Regina Port Security Service. 
Gerald, the aging barkeep and owner of “Skittered” your favorite watering hole approaches “Lt. Blair, you want another drink?”
Nodding your agreement, he quickly pours a tumbler of dark amber liquid.  You may have always heard that belters (asteroid miners) like this drink.  It tastes like whiskey and ferments well in zero-G.  Just try not to think too hard about what substance the fermentation originates.
As you tip your glass up and start to drink, a short portly man in a business suite sits down next to you.  He smells like he comes out of one of the corporate buildings that encircle the Down Port.  People who work in the filter air of the big buildings have a smell to them, or maybe is a lack of the smell all the rest of us out here have.  Rumor has it that corporate types don’t like the natural Regina atmosphere, so they heavily condition and treat the filtered air inside their buildings.  Making sure to keep a positive atmosphere pressure inside, thus keeping out that pesky agricultural taint that follows you everywhere on Regina.
Regina is the capital of the Regina sub-sector in the Spinward Marches Sector.  Regina is only 25 sub-sectors away from Capitol, the center of civilization and the ruling seat of the Third Empire of Man, and at Jump 3 that means you are only a few months from Capitol.  Regina is classified according to the UWP (universal world profile) as a A788899-C.  What that means is that it has a mighty fine space port, modern shipyards, is an agricultural planet, with a good bit of law to protect everyone. At least that’s what the Governor and his minions always say on the news vids.
The portly corporate type turns towards you, looks you up and down and states quietly “I hear you are the man to talk to about finding hard to get pieces of data?”

Friday, January 4, 2019

2018 Top 10 Board Game plays

Here is a top 10 list of the board games I played and the number of plays in 2018:

1.) Charterstone - 28
2.) Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 - 19
3.) The Shipwreck Arcana - 18
4.) Stuffed Fables - 9
5.) Scythe: The Rise of Fenris - 8
6.) Terraforming Mars - 8
7.) Scythe - 6
8.) Star Trek: Ascendancy - 6
9.) Mansions of Madness -5

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 a Year in Review

2018 was an interesting year, below is a list of events that occurred this past year:
  • Watched Avengers:  Infinity War, it was really fun to see how the theater reacted to the end of the movie...since I had read the comic version back in 1991
  • Lost my Grandma Evans early in the year.
  • Traveled with work to Arkansas 5 times, which is 4 less that last year.  I am going to count that one as a win! 
  • My son is now 4 years old, and refuses to use the potty for # 2...
  • Started playing Overwatch on Xbox and I now play Hearthstone on my mobile devices.
  • I did not Start playing World of Warcraft, again...
  • Read a lot of good books;  The Kill Society by Richard Kincaid, Action Figures Issue Seven:  The Black End War by Michael Bailey, Wearing the Cape:  Recursions by Marion G. Harmon, and Please Don't Tell My Parents You believe Her by Richard Roberts.
  • I believe that I have an Audible addiction.  My list of audio novel that i have listen to this pas year is too shameful to repeat here in the blog.  All I have to say is that R.C. Bray is a phenomenal narrator and actor.  His interpretations are fantastic and most of the reason why I continue to use Audible.
  • Went to GENCON 2018  and had a fantastic time.  You  can look up my earlier blog entry for more information.  My wife and I even got rooms downtown!
  • Interviewed for a new position in my company again.  I did get the job!  I am now the Operations manager for Premier Power Maintenance in Louisville, KY.  The company owners have given me wonderful opportunity to assist in growing the company and help me achieve my goal of moving my family back to KY and closer to rest of our family.  The move was onerous but well worth the final out come.
  • Played several new board games: Western Legends, Stuffed Fables, Shipwreck Arcana, Merchant of Venus, Key Forge:  Call of the Archons, Dwarven Smithy, Charterstone,  Unearth, Seafall, Scythe:  the Rise of Fenris, Bob Ross:  Art of Chill, Alien Frontiers, Firefly Adventures:  Brigands and Browncoats, and Doctor Who:  Time of the Daleks, 
  • Our ongoing Marvel (FASERIP) campaign on Roll20 has fallen to the wayside since my move and job change.  This is one I am going to change with the new year and get going again!

Thing that I didn't get to do this past year but want to change in 2018:

  • Work in the wood shop.  I don't have one anymore...I sold most of my tools to prevent having to move them across three states.
  • Slacked off on my blog for the past couple of months.  I got very busy with work, and I know, excuses…excuses. 
  •  Take my son to the Zoo, he still wants to see an Aardvark!
  • Take a family vacation in an RV to the Grand Canyon, its on the schedule for this year.
  • Convince my mother to come and stay with us and when that doesn't work, talk her in to staying for a couple of weeks.
  • Just so I can be like everyone else at New Years, loose about 20 lbs.
  • Write more, practice practice practice!
  • Continue my Marvel RGP campaign on Roll20 and perhaps add a second RPG campaign.  

I know its quick and just a list of experiences but I feel better getting them down on paper.  I do have a few game reviews that will be coming up in a couple of weeks.  I promise!  I also am going to strive to be more regular with updates, and share more of my thoughts and stories.  Happy New Year!

- Jeremiah