Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Magic the Gathering, The end of our RPG Renaissance

Magic the Gathering was a turning point in gaming for our group.  We each were now old to have a part time job and enough money to buy our own gaming material.  Everyone in our small group of friends bought a starter deck of MtG, this was the tail end of the Dark expansion.  We had missed out on the Alpha, Beta, and Legends expansions of the game. 

 The game was amazing, you had all the creatures of fantasy RPGs there to do battle before you!  For the readers who are familiar with the game, each of us gravitated towards a mana type that we preferred and started building our playing decks to reflect those interests.  I have always liked a Green/White combo, just an fyi.

I have may stories from those days, of which I bet a lot of other have similar versions of their own to retell.  Such as the night we played a 5 player rainbow magic and I got stuck with blue, but wait did someone just cast Spirit Link on my Leviathan!  That was a fun game, I won the game with well over 100 health!  An unheard of feat at that time in our magic playing days.  How about the day that another friend of mine split my card collection and decided to start with a 100 health each...six hours of play later he won the game because I ran out of cards, stupid Mill Stone!  To this day I still can't stand that card!

Quickly we found ourselves drawn into buying more booster packs to get “better” cards than our buddies as each expansion was released.  Which in turn lead to us buying even more packs in hopes to get even “more better” cards!  

I found myself broke at the end of each week with only a stack of growing common cards to show.  It was a vicious cycle that from which we didn’t know how to escape.

Finally the insanity ended when when it was time to move out of the house and try out this college thing.  while at school I found out that I was more concerned with a few new items more so than my magic collection.  A couple of items for example include:  food, beer, and most importantly...girls.  The last item on that short list really didn't care for any "kiddy" games such as Magic The Gathering!

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  1. Magic filled a gap in my life between RPing and normal work and such.. Sadly I will admit I literally spent thousands over the course of a few years.. wish I had it back.. I taught my son how to play when he was old enough to learn.. helped him build his first deck. When he got out of the Navy, one of the first things he wanted to do was play Magic with dad (I still have a goblin deck around somewhere). Except for the money, I gotta say it was a great time.


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