Saturday, January 9, 2021

2020 A Year in Review

2020 was an interesting year, below is a list of events that occurred this past year:


Watched The!

Covid...nuff said!

Traveled with work to Arkansas 1 time, which is 4 less that last year.  I am going to count that one as a win!

My son is now 6 years old

Read a lot of good books; Peace Talks & Battlegrounds (Dresden Novels), A couple more Columbus Days novels:  Armageddon & Brushfire, and I am currently working my way through Ready Player 2

Went to GENCON 2020...but it was online and virtual...weird but fun. 

Our ongoing Marvel (FASERIP) campaign on Roll20 has been retired due to a death of one of our friends.



Thing that I didn't get to do this past year but want to change in 2021:


Slacked off on my blog for the past couple of months.  I got very busy with work, and I know, excuses…excuses.

 Take my son to the Zoo, he still wants to see an Aardvark!

Just so I can be like everyone else at New Years, loose about 20 lbs.

Write more, practice practice practice!

Continue playing D&D online and hopefully get to play some board games in person again!


I know its quick and just a list of experiences but I feel better getting them down on paper.  I do have a few game reviews that will be coming up in a couple of weeks.  I promise!  I also am going to strive to be more regular with updates, and share more of my thoughts and stories.  Happy New Year!


- Jeremiah