Tuesday, August 22, 2017

GENCON 2017 First Report

My wife and I were able to attend GENCON in Indianapolis this year with several of our friends. I am going to post a couple of highlights. This picture is with Marion G. Harmon, the author of Wearing The Cape series of novels and a brand new RPG based upon the same material.
As I have stated in my other Blog entries, earlier this year I was a play tester for his RPG and then backed it as a Kickstarter. During our visit at the convention, I was able to meet Mr. Harmon, talk about his characters/novels, and pick up my Kickstarter rewards! This was definitely a highlight of the convention.

I plan on writing a few more Blog entries to discuss some of the games we encountered, played, and eventually purchased!  

Keep watching for more updates.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

How to Play FATE Comic, Presented by Up to 4 players

 I have seen this comic strip floating around the internet for about a week.  It is presented by the folks at  Up to 4 Players.  This is a good description of how the FATE system works and I wanted to share.  If you would like to check out the original post if can be found HERE

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Marvel Superheroes - Issue # 4 "Old Friends"

Issue # 4 “Old Friends”

Our heroes are training in the "shop" area of their new digs in Boulder City, NV when Jennifer Paulsen, the woman from the convention who was dressed as Art3mis knocks on their door.  She wants to help them be heroes by using her new power she has developed after the events at the convention.  She can speak to electronics, anything with a simple circuit board now has a personality and will speak to her mentally.

After some discussion with her smart phone and a few other devices via the internet, Jennifer was able to track down the Vegas Vigilantes.  She realizes that her power is not an offensive ability but believes that her gift can bring the team a windfall in intelligence gathering.

While Art3mis (Jennifer) is explaining this to our heroes, she informs them that the computer in their home just heard about a drug deal going down across town and the cops are having a difficult time arresting one of the parties involved.  Our heroes head to the train yard in town via  Art3mis pick up truck.

A few minutes later they arrive to a scene of chaos.  Two small group of gang members are behind cover within the train yard and  firing small arms at the police cruisers and officers.  A single large man, whom appears to be made of a white material that resembles a Jaw Breaker, moves around the train cars.  Shrugging of  the bullets from the police and criminals alike.

Our heroes fly above the scene and Simon drops all into the battle directly next to the Candy-man.  move in via an air drop from above.  The Candy-man yells something in Spanish as he hauls off with a hay-maker against the new arrival.  Al then finds himself flying thru the air and denting the side of a tanker train car.  He slides back to earth struggling to catch his breath.

It appears Candy means business, so Simon lets loose with a full strength kinetic blast.  Candy shrugs it off and reaches for a shipping crate to lob at our flyer.  Simon dodges the container easily and lets off another kinetic blast at Candy, once again with no effect.  By this time Al has gotten back up and even though he can't catch his breath he runs for Candy and grabs him by the forearm.  Using his power of Catalyst, Al concentrates and turns Candy's hard coating into custard...which starts to slough off off the man underneath.

As the previous candy coating falls away the Hispanic man underneath has no special abilities and fall to the ground as Simon's next kinetic blast catches both Al and man now covered in custard.  The gang members quickly surrender when they see their secret super-powered weapon is now disabled.   The police quickly round up the gang members, who were trying to pick up a drug shipment in the train yard when they were discovered by security.  When the cops arrived they were out classed by the Candy Man who, as the heroes discover, was also at the game convention that Al, Simon, and Art3mis attended.

Our heroes stayed around long enough to give statements to the  Boulder City Police department and then took to the skies.  It looks like having Art3mis around will be a big help!