Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tabletop: Will Wheaton Plays FATE Core with Felecia Day, John Rogers, and Ryan Macklin



I have been an on again and off again follower of Wil Wheaton's Tabletop videos.  Usually I just check out the games I have been interested in playing and want to see a group try it out...the groups being made up of celebrities doesn't hurt either.

As a long time fan of Roleplaying games, I have only recently started branching into the FATE system.  I enjoyed watching this video of the game play and it give a very good example of how to run a FATE adventure.

If you have some free time, check it out.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Velveteen vs the Junior Super Patriots - Review


Seanan McGuire and her Velveteen series were flying under my radar when it came to superhero fiction.   Until I read Team-Ups and Crossovers (Wearing the Cape Book 6) by Marion G. Harmon.  In his book the main character is traveling across dimensions and founds herself in Seanan McGuire’s Velveteen universe.
I enjoyed the Velveteen chapters of Mr. Harmon’s novel and went to pick up the first of the Velveteen series.  I have had a difficult time putting the Velveteen books down.  Seanan has created a world where superheroes not only exist but they are strictly controlled by a corporation, The Super Patriots.  In this world our heroine has quit the team and struck out on her own and is just trying to live her life, but the Super Patriots have other plans. 

The books are fun and entertaining to read.  The characters have an appeal that reaches out into our own lives.  Seanan has brought a wonderfully deep character to life and without the in-depth battle description that are the core of some of the other super hero fiction.  She delivers an entertaining series of books that are character focused and not all about the flare and excitement of super powers.

Velveteen vs the Junior Super Patriots


Friday, April 21, 2017

Wearing the Cape RPG Available!

Wearing the Cape RPG PDF is not available for purchase at Drivethrurpg

After the successful completion of his Kick-starter campaign, Marion G. Harmon has made the PDF of his main book for Wearing the Cape available for purchase.


Drop by and pick up a copy!  I will be doing a more in depth review in the upcoming weeks.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Marvel Superheroes - Issue # 3 "Maybe we waited too long"

Issue # 3 picks up immediately following the FBI and local SWAT swarming the hotel floor and rescuing our heroes and fellow hotel residents who were trapped after the game convention.  So as our new heroes are quickly discovering that any interaction with law enforcement involves a lot of time spent being questioned and interrogated as to what transpired.  Over the next 6 hours the people who where trapped on the hotel floor discover that for the past several days they were missing completely as far as the FBI is concerned.  The hotel floor was empty with no trace of any who should have been present.

Agent Miller of the FBI did not really believe the story about being stuck on an inescapable hotel floor for three days, but at the same time between the convention and now what had transpired on the hotel floor, he didn't have a reasonable explanation.  Since they all told the same story and all the details matched, he eventually released everyone except George Dillie (the guy that was going to attack Simon and the little girl).  He was going to keep him on assault and attempted kidnapping charges since the girl in questions was now missing.

Our heroes quietly left the cursed hotel and found a small cheap out of the way motel to stay at and gather their thoughts.  During the course of the evening they discovered that they were able to do some amazing things.  Al discovered that he could alter the state of a substance, such as milk.  He made a glass of milk instantly sour and then as he concentrated he made the glass of milk un-sour.  While this Catalyst power was amazing, Simon found that he could actually fly!  After a quick flight around downtown he came back to the hotel.

Al and Simon decided that they needed more time to figure out what they were capable of and that they would both head back to Simon's place in Boulder City, NV until they worked out the specifics.

Listed below are Simon and Al's character sheets:

Superhero Name: Slipstream
Character Name: Simon Vladimir Odinkirk
Origin:   Normal Human

F  TY (5) Health:  23
A   TY (7)
S  GD (8) Karma:  438
E  TY (5)
R  TY (5) Resources:  GD (10)
I   TY (5)
P  PR (3) Popularity:  5  /

True Flight -  RM (26), 225mph
Resist:   Atmospheric Friction - RM (26)
Lung Adaptation:  High Speed Winds - RM (26)
Energy Emission:  Kinetic Blast RM (26), Range 1 area.  Power has to “recharge” from air friction during flight






Grocery Store Manager.  One estranged sister.  Quite life and self sufficient but has confidence issue and works at Dollar General for the past 6 years and it is his first day as Store Manager. Netflix binge watcher.  Terrible at video games.  Lives in Bolder City, Nevada

Superhero Name: Battlestar
Character Name: Aliester Crowley
Origin:   Normal Human

F   TY (5) Health:  45
A   EX (16)
S  EX (16) Karma: 13
E  GD (8)
R PR (3) Resources: IN (16)
I   TY (5)
P  TY (5) Popularity: 5  /

Catalytic Control - EX (16)
Crystallization - IN (36)
Energy Absorption - PR (3)






2 years in the army didn’t work for him, became a teacher due to incompetent officers.  Inner city school teacher around Baltimore.  His mother is his only living family.  while his coworkers try to be friends at work.  Kind of a loner.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Marvel Superheroes - Issue # 2 "Here we go again and again..."

When we left off last time.  Our soon to be heroes had retreated to Al's hotel room on the 10th floor.  Taking a few minutes to calm down and accept the weirdness that occurred on the convention floor, they began to study the "magic glowing" stick they had taken for the Satyr guys calling himself "The Locus".

When ever Simon or Al would hold the staff, it would emit a faint blue glow.  Despite several attempts to make it do something special (besides glow) it remained an inert glowing stick well into the wee hours of the night.  The flashing lights of the police and emergency service vehicles were still visible from the hotel room window all night.  Al and Simon stayed up late discussing what happened and trying to figure out what to do with the stick.  At one point, Al looked at the hotel room clock and realized that it should be dawn.  Yet the sky outside was still pitch black and the flashing lights at street level were still shinning brightly.

Our heroes then checked their cell phones and room phones, which had no signal and the line was dead respectively.   Their next course of action was to go the elevator, which was no where to be found.  Then they went looking for the stairwell, which was also missing.  They discovered that the entire hotel floor was self sealed and they couldn't find any way off the floor.

It was then that they started to worry.  they went door to door and woke up all the other people who were staying on the 10th floor.  Once everyone was awake and gathered in the hallway, there were 31 people including our two heroes.  One of the other guests, suggested they try to break through a wall or break out a window and yell for help.  They discovered that the walls and windows were impenetrable.

Over the course of the next three days it became clear that they were in serious trouble.  The taps in the bathrooms were working.  So they had plenty of drinking water but they were almost completely out of any food that may have been in the rooms when they became trapped.  Al and Simon suspected that the glowing stick was responsible but were unable to get it to react to any stimuli.  They started passing the stick around to other people to see if that might help.

The youngest person trapped with our heroes was a 13 year old girl named Allie, who along with her mother Janice were the next to last people to be given a chance to wield the glowing stick.  On the morning off the third day of being trapped on the hotel floor, Simon handed the stick over to Allie.

The ground began to shake and the glowing light blossomed around Allie in a similar fashion to what happened with the The Locus (or middle aged Satyr Man as the players now called him).  The glow enveloped Allie and an impossibly strong force pressed Al, Simon, and Janice across the room.

One of the other trapped hotel occupants named George took that moment to reveal that he could turn his fingers into razor sharp claws.  George turned to attack Simon, who was in his way, so that he could get to Allie and kill her.  George had deduced that she was the cause of the whole "trapped on the hotel floor" problem due to how the "magic stick" reacted.

Three days of trapped boredom turned in a chaotic 40 seconds at 9:24AM.   Allie shrieked an almost inhuman sound and screamed "Finally, I am free!" and disappeared in a loud pop.  George slashed out at Simon at the same time that Al smacked him over the head with his Darth Maul lightsaber cosplay prop he had kept from the convention hall 4 days prior.  Just as George slumped down to the floor, Swat team members swarmed into the hotel hallway, followed by men wearing FBI vests.

The adventure ended with Allie and glowing stick missing.  George in police custody for assault.  Simon and Al trying to comfort Allies mom Janice.  While the police say the hotel floor had been empty for 3 days and all the people suddenly appeared around them just as George was rendered unconscious.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Wearing the Cape - Kickstarter Announcement

As you may have picked up from my previous posts.  I am a huge fan of Marion G. Harmon's Wearing the Cape Series of books.  He has announced that the Kickstarter for the upcoming Role-playing game based upon his book series, of the same name,  is going live on February 1st!  The game will be using the Fate System.

Wearing the Cape -Kickstarter Announcement

I urge anyone taking time to read this post to take a few minutes and check out Mr. Harmon's post.  If you have a little more time, pick up one of his novels.  I think you will enjoy the world he has crafted.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Marvel Superheroes - Issue # 1 "Convention Gone Wild"

Our first MSHRPG Issue #1 “Convention Gone Wild” starts off with our not-a-hero yet characters arriving at a large Comic Book Convention, in an unnamed town, that oddly enough never gets referred to by name during any actual scenes.  Yet, most comic fans inherently know where the soon to be heroes are, and what kind of Nerd/Geek lunacy too expect during a large gathering of comic book aficionados.  
Al and Simon arrived separately and met up in the main foyer while waiting for the doors to open for the convention floor.  Our ex-military and current teacher Al, hit it off with Simon, our meek and timid grocery store general manager, over small talk concerning comics and heroes.   A quickly growing crowd was gather around our heroes, all eagerly awaiting to charge the convention!  It was during this time when a middle aged man, dressed up in costume as a Satyr, walked up next to Al and Simon, and engaged them in conversation.  As they casually check out the “weirdo” dressed up in “goat costume” they noticed he was very excited about getting into the hall and talking to someone in the vendor area.
As the doors opened to the main hall the heroes were caught up in the excitement as much as the other convention goers.  They quickly moved across the floor and were amazed with all the displays and booths filled with a cornucopia a nerdom!   They moved from booth to booth and aisle to aisle and eventually found themselves near the back corner of the convention hall when they were approached by Darkness, You know the big demon looking guy played by Tim Curry in Legend (1985).  He approached our heroes and demanded they tell him where the horns of the unicorns are hidden!
They walked away from the large and very convincing Legend cosplay, talking about how committed that guy was to the role.  Then a fight broke out between Darkness and what appeared to a Darth Maul cosplayer with an amazingly real looking double-bladed light saber.  The fight quickly escalated until Darth Maul executed a sweeping light saber strike and separated Darkness from the bottoms of his legs.  
Darth Maul then approached the duo and demanded to know where to find the Jedi!  The two looked around dumbfounded as the hall erupted in chaos, as all the cosplayers were turning into real versions of the characters of which they were dressed.
[At this time, I would like to take quick break in the description of the events of the game and acknowledge that I have stolen this idea from the Author Marion Harmon who wrote about similar events in his most recent novel:  Team-Ups and Crossovers (Wearing the Cape Book 6).  Shhhh, don’t tell my players!  Also, big thanks to Mr. Harmon for such an awesome idea!  Back to the action…]
Simon, who had come to the convention dressed as Iron Man in his self-crafted suit of armor then also changed into the “real” Iron Man.  Catching Darth Maul by surprise with a quick Uni-beam to the face, put Maul out of commission.  Iron Man then launched himself into the air and went to save the other convention attendees from harm, leaving Al standing next to the bathroom with very realistic looking light saber at his feet.
It was at this point that Art3mis from Ready Player One by Ernest Cline ran up to Al and said that she needed his help stopping the individual responsible for this fiasco before anyone else got hurt.  So Al, who had been looking for a moment like this his whole life, snatch up the light saber and told Art3mis to lead on!  Art3mis then promptly lead Al into the men’s restroom just a short 30” away.  With only a small amount incredulity Al followed her into the restroom and ignited his red double bladed light saber.  
Meanwhile, Iron Man (aka Simon) was flying around the convention center doing away with as many villains as possible, while trying to rescue the civilians, when he is ambushed and knocked from the sky by Thanos.  He rolled to a stop near the very same bathroom that Al had just entered.  Simon returned to his senses, as his armor (now normal plastic again) began to fall off of him, damaged from his ambush and fall.  At least he managed to stop Cthulhu from devouring the eastern side of the convention hall.  Simon heard several shouts and yells from the bathroom and moved to investigate, especially since one of them sounded a lot like Al.  
What had confronted Al and Art3mis was our friendly neighborhood Satyr clutching a gnarled looking branch.  He was talking to himself in hushed tones as purple light pulsed from himself and the staff.
“No, I am in charge!  I am the Locus!” he bellowed as the purple pulse grew in magnitude before he continued to mumble and argue with himself.  Art3mis and Al then moved to the end of the bathroom and attempted to talk him down, but he didn’t even react to their questions.  Finally Al told Art3mis they need to get the staff away from him, only to be interrupted by the Reverse Flash zooming into the bathroom in a blur of Yellow and red lighting.  He was quickly stopped by Al’s light saber igniting and leaving a damaged and poorly made Reverse Flash costume on a very confused looking teenager.  
When Al turned back to Mr. Locus/Satyr, he saw Art3mis thrown across the bathroom and into the glass mirrors above the sink.  Turning to face The Locus he swung his light saber but as it struck the glowing branch it returned to an aluminum prop that only looked like Darth Maul’s light saber.  Simon then slowly entered the bathroom and saw the commotion and a nearly naked teenage Reverse Flash quickly backing away from the glowing staff and The Locus.
Simon looked at Al and they both charged The Locus.  Simon went for his legs while Al’s flying tackle took him down and back into the bathroom stall.  As the three fell to the floor in a tangled heap, the purple glow cut out.  The unconscious Art3mis transformed into a normal looking young woman with a decently constructed but damaged Art3mis costume.
Al scooped up the now inert staff and turned to Simon and quickly exited the bathroom, after making sure that normal Art3mis wasn’t hurt badly and The Locus was still unconscious.   They quickly exited the convention center avoiding the confused and beaten up convention goers, police, and who looked to be the FBI arriving.  They returned to Al’s hotel room on the 10th floor of his hotel to compare notes and take a closer look at this "magic" branch.
This is where the first issue ended.  We will pick up with Issue # 2, next time!