Thursday, May 26, 2016

On the Way to Allie's House, Part # 1

One of my earlier blog posts talks about my love of RPG's and how much time my friends and I dedicated to playing those games.  About the only thing that could steal us away from our games at that time in our lives, was girls.  As I have said before, all the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Sam, Houston, and myself lived in a semi-rural area.  What that means is that we lived in a neighborhood that was in the country.  We had four streets worth of homes, a small convenience store, and a lot of farm land around were we lived.  The next closest neighborhood was about 3 miles away and accessible via a highly trafficked state highway.  Sam was dating a girl we will call Allie, who was 2nd oldest in a family of 7 daughters who lived in that next closest neighborhood.  

On Friday or sometimes Saturday nights; Sam, Houston, and I would all sleep over at Houston's house, since his house was the easiest to sneak out.  Then we would play video games until about 1-2:00am and sneak out to go visit Sam's girlfriend.

Our journey would begin with walking our Huston's front door while his parents, little brother, and little sister were all asleep.  Then we would have to hug the neighbors house to avoid setting of the security lights.  With those two hurdles out of the way we would be home free for the next bit until we had to walk to the highway.  Since we were underage and out way past the curfew we had hide by jumping over the guard rail each time a car would come by, just in case it was a cop.

This trip was uneventful and we arrived at Allie's house around 3:00am.  The house was a typical ranch style home with a walk out basement and a deck that covered the entire length of the the back of the house.  Allie's room was in the basement and had direct access to the french doors that opened up under the deck.  This made getting into and out of the house a easy.  The hard part was in the fact that her parents room was located directly over her room.

Her parents would fall asleep with the TV on.  This made it difficult to tell if they were actually still awake or the light we saw on the deck was just the TV.  I was the quietest member of our party and I frequently played the Thief in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons when gaming, so it was my duty to sneak up on the deck and crawl up to her parents french doors and peak in and see if anyone was awake.

When we arrived at Allie's house, we set up the tree line behind the house and saw that Allie's and her parents light were on.  So stealthily moved around the house and onto the deck.   The best way I had found to quietly move along the deck was to crawl along the inside edge next to the house and then peak in the bottom corner of the double doors of her parent room.  from that vantage I could usually see if they were asleep in bed or up watching TV.

So I followed my usual routine and crawled up next to the door, but when I went to peak in the door I was distracted by a flash of light from the wood line.  I recognized it as someone lighting a lighter and couldn't figure out why my partners in crime would be trying get my attention, so I turned back to the door and slid forward to look in..and found my self looking at a pair of hairy legs just on the other side of the closed door!

My heart jumped into my throat as I realized that I was looking at Allie's dads legs!  I knew I had to get off the deck in a hurry and somehow not be seen or heard.  I slid/crawled backwards away from the door and at an angle away from the house towards the edge of the deck just outside of the light shinning through the glass door.  I slid off the deck and was holding on with both of my hands and preparing to drop down to the muddy ground under the deck when I heard the glass doors above me open and her dad walked out onto the deck!

I was stuck.  I couldn't drop down into the mud with out being heard and I obviously couldn't go back up!  So I just hung the air as he paced back and forth trying to see what had made that light out in the trees!  Finally he broke the silence "Hello!  Is anyone out there?"  I think I  was holding my breath while he was yelling out into the night.  Finally after what seemed like an eternity he turned and went back inside.  As the glass doors closed my shaking hands finally gave out and I dropped down into the mud.

I quickly moved back around the yard and into the trees to find that my compatriots had vacated and I was alone in the woods.  I jogged back out to the highway and continued my way back to Houston's house.  When I arrived they were sitting in his room playing Ken Griffey Jr. Home Run Derby on the Nintendo 64.  Below I have listed a couple of quotes as to what was said when I walked in the room.

"Man, we thought you was dead!"

"When he came out on the deck, I just about s**t myself!"

"I was trying to light a cigarette and he must have seen the light.  So I figured he had already seen us, so we should warn you, that was why I was sparking the lighter!"

"Don't track mud in here, my mom will kill me!"

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