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For today’s post I thought I would share a story from when I was a teenager.  Once again I have changed the names of the people involved to protect the guilty.  I will apologize up front for the length of this post but I think it will need some background info.  By the way I believe I was only 14 when these events occurred.

Once upon a time when I was to young to know better, I ran around with two other guys close to my age that lived nearby, we will call them Sam and Houston.  We lived in a relatively small neighborhood consisting of three streets tied together by a single cross street and another street that was an outlier and only accessible via the main highway or by crossing a small field.  This neighbor hood was about 20 miles outside of a decent sized town and isolated for the most part with no real stores, fast food places, or other neighborhoods nearby.

The summer before my friend Houston, who was a year older than me, got his driver license we found many many ways to get into trouble.  The neighborhood had a collection of young kids and teenagers closer to my age as well.  The best part was the fact that the teenagers had a few girls close to our age.  As you may know teenage boys and attractive girls of comparable age are not always a good combination. 

My friends and I were sitting out in road at end of the third street talking with some of these girls when my buddy Sam had an idea of how we should spend the evening once the sun had gone down.  “You we should play hide and go seek tonight.”  Of course the group started to give him grief about his childish idea of fun, when he started to explain expand upon his statement. “No, no, not just hide and go seek but a more adult version.” 

Of course this got the groups attention.  He went on to explain that we would play Hide and go seek with our clothes.  The rules went like this; one person was “it” and would remain clothed and would have 20 minutes to go around the neighborhood and hide everyone else’s cloths.  The first person to find all of their own clothing and return to the start point would get to be the next person to be “it”.   The only articles of clothes you were allowed to keep were your underwear, glasses (if needed), and shoes.  Of course to the guys this was a great idea and we all quickly agreed, but as you can already guess the girls were a little more reluctant.   So after an hour or so of convincing and promising that one of the girls could be the first person “it” they agreed to the game.  

We decided to meet up in an hour when the sun had gone down.  My buddies and I each went home to change into more game friendly underwear.  To this day I still don’t know what that meant for my buddies but for me it meant changing out of my tidy whities and into some more group friendly flannel boxers.

So the sun went down and Sasha was up as the first person “it”.  We all met up in her back yard well away from the porch lights and slowly started to strip down to shoes and underwear.    For a young man this was a great time, even with the poor lighting.  We all nervously shuffled around and pretended we were trying to look at the girls, while Sasha went to hide the clothes.  Soon we were all running around the neighborhood as fast as we could try to recover our clothing.  This may not sound very hard but when you realize that Sasha had put shirts up in trees and shorts into various mailboxes, this became a much bigger ordeal that we had planned on.  As a matter of fact except for a few stolen peaks at the girls before we stared I don’t think I saw much of them during the game, 

I stated to think this may have not been the best game idea, especially when it was approaching the hour mark and all I had was my t-shirt and my shorts were still missing.  Though I had come across some of the girls clothes and thought about hiding them better but decided I would let the game be more fair…oh how I had underestimated the girls and their plans.  Finally I gave up and headed back to Sasha’s yard with only a t-shirt to show for my effort. 

When I arrived the girls plan all made sense; all three girls who had gone to look for clothes were fully dressed while Sam and myself were each only wearing our t-shirts, underwear, and shoes while Houston was back in only his underwear and one shoe.  When I asked him about his missing shoe he only mumbled something about cheating girls…but he was all grins for the rest of the night.  After a few laughs the girls told us where to find our remaining clothes, which were all inside Sasha’s garage and not in the legal play area! 

I regret to inform you that we did not learn our lesson from this game and did play many more times of the course of the summer.  The guys did have a few chances to be the “it” person.

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  1. sounds like some of the stuff you could do back then.. now.. it would likely be a sex crime and all y'all yutes would be in da poo poo



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