Sunday, May 19, 2019

GENCON 2019 Event Wish List Submission

I am planning on attending GENCON 2019 in Indianapolis, IN this year.  This will be my fourth year in a row and something that I look forward to every year.  The parts that I don't enjoy are the hotel registration process (aka the housing lottery) and event wish list submission.  The fist one, hotel registration is a pain, my wife and I love to get a down town hotel next to the convention center. 

To secure one of these coveted hotel slots you must first have a badge to attend.  Then you have to enter into a random lottery to receive a time slot or window that you can log into the GENCON housing portal and hope there are rooms left downtown.  If the star align and the time slot works out...then you can secure a room at a downtown hotel. 

The next part is related to the picture for this blog.  Event wish-list submission.  So GENCON releases the event cataloge of all the different types of events available during the convention weekend.  Everything from board-games, game demos, role-playing games, author book signings, LARP events, to how to cook seminars.  You have two weeks to look through the catalog and fill up your wish list.  Then on the day of wish-list submission you wait nervously to see how many of your chosen games will be available.

Well today was that day, and out of the eleven items on my list...I got four of them.  The best part was the that I got my number one selection!  Playing Runequest:  Role-playing in Glorantha with one of the members of Chaosium!

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