Tuesday, August 9, 2016

World of Warcraft: Legion - Demon Hunter Thoughts

Once along time ago I played World of Warcraft.  It may be better to say that I played WoW to the exclusion off everything else, which almost lead to me getting divorce.  I suspected that I may have a problem with the game taking up too much of my time and it was confirmed on a raid night when a coworker called me and needed help getting his car out of a ditch, and told him to call a wrecker...

As I hung up the phone, I realized that I was in a hurry to get back to the raid and just ditched him (haha pun intended!) so that I could play an MMO with a bunch a relative strangers.  The next day I canceled my account subscription and didn't look back.

Now, 5 years later I have renewed my subscription and started playing all over again.  This time with a careful eye on the clock and making sure that I don't get too deep into the game.  So no raiding this time around, not even a little.

By the way last and only warning that I will have a spoiler or two listed below for the Demon Hunters and their starting area.

Tonight I just spend the last two hours trying out the pre-release of the new Hero class - Demon Hunters otherwise known as the Illidari.  I rushed though the character making process a bit and wasn't over picky about how I looked.  So now I have a very horny night-elf Demon Hunter with glowing eyes and tattoos.  I think she looks cool.  The story picks up several years ago at the Black Temple in Outlands, you are being sent on a mission by Illidian while a small group of Heroes from Azeroth are entering the Black Temple intent on killing him.

Illidian says it all cool and he's got this.  So you go take care of your mission.  You and a few of your demon hunter buddies enter the portal he opens and get ready to go slay a few thousand demons.  My first impression was that the demon dimension was beautiful.  In a were on a floating island sorta way.  Then I ran down the hill and jumped...and double jumped...and my character grew demon wings and started gliding down the slope!  I found myself thinking wow, i mean wow, that is totally cool!  Did I mention that you start at level 98?

The Demon Hunters start out in a DPS build but you can switch it up to a tank build as well later on in the starting area.  You spend about 2 hours running around helping your forces defeat demons and recover the Maltese Falcon...er I mean MacGuffin, dang it I mean Sargerite Stone.  I think it will be important later in the over all expansion plot.  Finally after you complete your mission, you return to find Illidian dead and you are quickly captured for your crimes of working for the dude.

Time passes and they thaw you out of the green ice to help repel the people breaking into your prison to steal Illidian body.  Of course you jump in and start killing demons, its sorta your thing.  next thing you know the Alliance is taking you in and you uncover a demon plot to ruin a funeral.

The addictive nature of the game aside, I really like the story and how it built upon events that transpired 4 expansion ago.  The Demon Hunters are very quick, mobile, agile, and take advantage of the environment like no other class out there.  I don't know if its enough to jump back into the game but for the time being I am enjoying hanging out with some friends and killing a few extra dimensional baddies!

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