Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What are friends for

Many years ago I noticed a cricket had gotten into my car.  The odd thing was,it was a very hardy cricket and survived for not just a day or so, but for about a year.  Every so often it would chirp and when I stopped the car I would search everywhere trying to find the cricket so I could get rid of it. This process went on and on and eventually I sold the car to a friend of mine.  Now with my cricket problem was gone and I moved onto to a new truck.  One that wasn't slowly driving me insane with a immortal cricket chirping all the time.

Eventually I flew home to visit my family and let the same friend who bought the car keep my truck while I was away.  A couple of weeks later I got back from my visit with family, and guess what?  The cricket chirping was back!  This time it was in my new truck.  I thought I was loosing my mind.  I looked everywhere in the truck for that stupid cricket but I never found the cricket.

A couple of years went by with that cricket randomly chirping and making me cringe every time it started up.   I was never able to find it and some how it lived through two years of weather extremes in that truck.  After those two years the chirping stopped.  The cricket must have finally died or moved on to haunt someone else.  During this whole ordeal I never told a soul.  I knew they would think I was crazy since no one else had ever been in the truck to hear the chirping.

several years went by and I eventually got a job with that same friend I mention earlier who had bought my old car...and now the chirping was back in my truck again!

 I was surfing the web one day when I came across this item:

ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron

It is a device that can make a cricket sound at random intervals.  I went immediately out to the truck and searched it again.  I still didn't find any devices.  The next Monday I confronted my friend and co-worker about planting this gizmo.  He denied everything, but after that day the chirping went away for good.

This was many years ago and to this day the friend denies any wrong doings or planing this device or a similar device in my cars.

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