Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wearing The Cape by M.G.Harmon

You may not have been able to guess it, but I read a lot.  Sci-fi, fantasy, military fiction and even a bit of Stephen King, it doesn't matter I like them all.  Several years ago while traveling for work I found a copy of Wearing the Cape by M.G. Harmon.  His novel is a story of Hope Corrigan and her transition from regular every day college student to a costume wearing superhero.

The adult Superhero Fiction was something I discovered with  Wearing the Cape and now find the stories his and other authors very enjoyable.  I don't have a lot of time to invest into getting back into collecting and reading new comics like I did in my younger days.  /so this genre of fiction is much more portable and slides into my reading list very easily.

Last year Mr. Harmon announced that he was creating a role-playing game based up his Wearing the cape series.  He put our a request for play testers via Google+.  I read his request and thought, what the heck let me see if  he will take me as one.  A few days later he emailed me with the specifics  and accepted me into his Google+ group for play-testers.  Being part of the process and seeing the book come to fruition has been very exciting.  I can't wait for it to reach the kick-starter phase.  Mr. Harmon is a very nice gentleman and has been very open and personable when discussing the game and novel content.  It has been fascinating to see how a RPG game book comes into the world.

Mr. Harmon is self published author who  created a delightful cast of characters and world that is I have found enthralling.  I would encourage you to try out his writing and if have a minute, go check out his website:

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