Monday, June 6, 2016

Commission: "Morbid Angel"

My first RPG was TSR’s Marvel Superhero Role-playing Game.  One of my longest running RPG campaigns involves a character names Morbid Angel.  My friend Scott has played this character for 20 years and as you can imagine it has a lot history.  Now for those of you are familiar with the Marvel TSR character generator process, it involves dice rolls to randomly determine your powers, skill, and talents.  There have been three sets of powers that players have rolled over the years and each one of the three powers earns a groan of negativity.  First off is Water-breathing, second Coloration, and finally Telereformation!

Ok, telereformation is a form of teleportation where the player disintegrates his current body and then teleports to his destination location and "reforms" a new body out of the materials present.  This means the character doesn't have a real flesh and bone body but one made of concrete, stone, brick, dirt, or what ever else is around.

Scott took this power and made it his, he developed some cool power stunts; such as teleport dodge, serial immortality, and body alteration.  So for the past 20 years he took a power that no one liked and he made it into something to be envied and has a character that I love to GM.  I decided to attempt to contact some old high school buddies that had an artistic inclination to see if I could hire one of them or if they could recommend some one to hire that could draw this character.  Long story short, those old connections didn't pan out, but I have been following an online web comic for years over at:

 O Abnormal has periodically done something he calls a Comissionalthon, where he does commissioned artwork as opposed to his regular web comic series.  I often forget how small the internet has made the world.  O made a post on his website saying that he was interested in taking on more commissioned work outside of his regular Commissionalthon.  So I thought what the heck, let me send him an email and see if he would be interested in drawing Morbid Angel.  O responded that he would be interested and could I send him a detailed description of the character and any artwork or pictures that might give him an idea of how to draw the character.

The drawing and feed back process took a couple of months due to his back log but wow was the wait worth it!  I have posted below some of the progress pics so that you can see how the drawing developed:

First Draft Proofs

In the images above our hero Morbid Angel has just Telereformed into the wall of the building and currently rebuilding his new body out of stone, glass, windowframe, and masonary so that he can fight the robot.  The final Image is located over on O Abnormal's website.  I want you to see a good resolution image, at least something better supported than what I could post here on my blog. 

In summary, I would recommend using O Abnormal for any commission RPG, Fantasy, Video game, or any character you can imagine!  His pricing was very reasonable and I love his style and how the character turned out.  If you like his work, consider visiting his Patreon page and becoming a patron of of O's work.

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